The Official list of the best online dating sites and advice for men and women.


What are hookup sites?

Hookup Sites are sites were male and female aim usually is just sex. They were designed to NSA to the max. Hook up by definition is when with a hook you hook something , and it is the same for girls and man, you are just going to hook someone faster.

What are the differences between hookup sites and regular dating sites?

On a regular dating website people tend to be more relaxed and less horny, their aim is to find a long-term relationship or something serious, on hook up sites man and female usually are more willing to put their genitals out faster.

Are hookup sites expensive?

There' a lot of different websites out there, some of them are pay by credit hence you pay for message sent, the price can be from 0.5$ to 2$ depending on a lot of factors, some other websites offer monthly membership where you have to pay every month a quota to be able to talk to boys and girls on the website. We recommend the paid per message services since the can be more effective.

Can I have sex with someone I meet on a hookup site?

Well yeah, this is the goal, so just keep pushing and you will get laid a lot, maybe like never before.

Why should I try hookup sites?

Because if you are just horny, or just a you have a little bit of a slut inside of you. you should just that once in your life.

Is hookup easier than normal dating?

Yes it is, people subscribe and pay for those services because they want to produce leads --> sex...

What makes this the best list of hookup sites

The experience and the constant effort we put to sort the best in few lines is the characteristics of our services.

Are hookup sites safe?

Good hook up sites are normally safe, it is not recommended t spread all over your personal info at the first message, but nonetheless are safe and secure.

How do I cancel a membership?

The majority of websites have an option where you can remove your billing information and delete your account.

Which hookup sites are best for someone seeking a serious relationship?

The advice is to ask the person you are talking with their intentions, most of the time on websites where girls dress almost no clothes , those girls are just looking for sex.

Are paid sites better than free sites?


Can you join more than one hook up site?

YES of course

How does paying per message work?

You pay a certain amount of money per message sent, buying big packages of messages it is a lot cheaper mot of the times.

Why is it free for women to send messages?

Because the man is the beast usually.

What is the difference between a free and paid user?

Usually a free user have a few messages to try the service. After te messages are finished you hae to pay to receive the whole websites services.

How much information do I need to give away?

Usually email, mobile, and some pics to make your profile more appealing.

Do I have to show my face?

You should.

Can I Make Suggestions about what hookup site to review?